Trosten Lihra

Pierre Tessier

Mondésir Pierre Hérode

Juan Cruz

Josue Elise

Emmanuel Delly

Davy Patrice

André Larue

The group Ensemble AFROVIBES founded in autumn 2014, by Emmanuel DELLY (Haitian percussionist) is composed of 8 musicians of different cultures and origins.

The band offers a unique and new sound rooted in Haitian voodoo whose rhythms (Rara Leogane, Ibo, Nago, Agbadja, Djoumba, Dahomey …) and songs for the Divinities. He also draws on the roots of the creator of Afrobeat FELA ANIKULAPO KUTI.

This is the first group to propose a fusion of Vaudoubeat and Afrobeat on the Quebec scene.

Ensemble Afrovibes immerses you in a world of sounds and rhythms from Haitian voodoo, Afrobeat, Bel-Air from Martinique and other traditional rhythms of Latin America. This eclectic world reflects the cultural diversity of the members of the group and combines fusion atmospheres with soul, rock and jazz.

The group has a good experience of the scene, bringing its audience to share a positive, overflowing and contagious energy and to live a lively, witty and mesmerizing musical experience.

03 February 2018 – La source de la Martinière, Québec

18 to 24 June 2018  – BERGEN AFRO ARTS FESTIVAL 2018 Norway’s largest Ubuntu festival in Norway

31 July to 6 August 2018 – STOWARZYSZENIE ARTYSTYCZNE ,,SKOWRONKI », Brańsk, Poland

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